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PostSubject: STORY LINE   Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:37 pm

Long before this time, elementals and animals once lived alongside humans, sharing treasure and happiness. Only one night, as the sky grew dark and a portal formed within the clouds, ominous presences were making their way onto the earth, bringing promises of death and destruction. Many groups of demons, all from the underworld, spread across the planet, taking possession of any living organism.

From there, demons accustomed themselves in those bodies and reproduced to create a new species: animal demons. The strongest and most powerful of them were given territories in all corners of the world. The Great Silver Dogs ruled the West; the Sublime Black Tigers dominated the South; the Colosal Boars, the East; and the Tribal White Wolves had the North.

The Gods were furious. The portal was never to be opened for it had been sealed with the most sacred of all spells. But somebody had found the key, and spread the evil. In order to exterminate all disobedient demons, humans were given the power of purification. Most humans who possessed this power were trained as priests and priestesses. None of them had normal lives, for their time was constantly bombarded by war, which had raged on ever since.

For thousands of years, both demons and humans fought for their own survival. And as time passed, more and more demons grew intelligent enough to understand that their own species was on the brink of extinction, and so, most made a life of their own.

As for the humans, the men began to strive for a better life - a life free of demons. They became greedy, hateful, and proud: they took without asking, and ravaged the lands. They became no different than the demons themselves. Their only chance of being saved were priests and priestesses, hoping they would have a better heart.

Until Midoriko, none were pure enough to save the hearts of humans. But one thing that the Gods did not expect, was for that particular priestess to have helped many demons in learning how to love. Her heart was big enough for the whole world. Only, the day lowly demons heard of her accomplishments, many became determined to execute her. They hunted her down until they found the young priestess alone in a dark cave.

They fought for many days and many nights, until finally her strength was giving out. She summoned the last of her energy and trapped her soul as well as all the demons' together, forming a jewel. This jewel contained all four souls: courage, friendship, wisdom, and love. It also possessed much power and became a dangerous source sought by lowly demons.

As for Midoriko, if only she had lived longer or perhaps survived the battle, maybe the passion and kindness her heart possessed could have brought peace among the world of men, who began a war among themselves, worse than any other demons war could have began.

Soon after, a little miracle was born. The Great White General of the West named the small bundle InuYasha. And soon, he gave his life in order to save the pup and his mother. InuYasha had a hard life, for his mother did not live much longer, perhaps a decade at the most. Then, the young half-demon fought with all his strength to survive on his own for a hundred and fifty years.

As he fought against demons one day, he came upon a young priestess, with whom he soon fell in love for the first time: Kikyo. She was given the duty of watching over the jewel Midoriko had created long ago. But luck was not on their side for another had his eyes on this Kikyo at the time and wished to have her, but his body was burned severely. Oniguma was his name. He decided that he would do anything in order to have her in his arms, and gave his body over to demons.

Adding to their tragic end, Kikyo had been cursed [Unfinished]

(Kagome's group may have thought Naraku was bad, but they passed so many battlefields with gruesome deaths. Even some where demons were feeding off the dead corpses lying there.)


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- "Yes... big sit."

Lady Sylvia

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I am Takara

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PostSubject: Re: STORY LINE   Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:46 pm

Well told.
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